• Zizzle Character Packs Launched On December 1st!

    Get LIFETIME ACCESS to your favourite Chinese characters

  • Zizzle Character Packs

    Zizzle Character Packs bundle related decks and give you a flexible way to learn Chinese

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    Lifetime Access

    Instead of buying subscriptions, get Zizzle Character Packs for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! Learn Chinese for as long as you want with the new Character Packs!

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    Save Money

    Save real money during our Early-Bird-Sale! Claim your exclusive 30% DISCOUNT and save up to $15 per pack, or up to $45 if you purchase all three!

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    Flexible Upgrades

    Finished with studying for the HSK? Travelling to China soon? Flexibly upgrade with new Zizzle Character Packs to master your challenges ahead!

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    New Characters Included

    Whenever we upgrade your purchased decks with new characters, you also automatically gain access to them. No need to repurchase.

  • Purchase Your Favourite Pack Now

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    Rote-learning is good, Zizzle App is better.

    Remember more Chinese characters with our visual stories. Scientifically proven.

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    Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

    Zizzle App shows you the logic behind Chinese characters.

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    Only practice makes perfect.

    Our testing and spaced repetition system make sure you retain what you have learned.

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    Every journey begins with a single step.

    We break down the 3000 Chinese characters into memorable lessons.

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    Chinese is more than just characters.

    Zizzle App includes the most relevant words and phrases for each character so you can go out and use them.

  • Frequently asked Questions

    Why is Zizzle App the best tool for learning Chinese?

    Zizzle App is the first mobile app for learning Chinese that does not primarily focus on rote repetition. Instead, Zizzle is based on proven memorization techniques: visualization, the keyword method and association.

    What are Zizzle Character Packs?

    Zizzle Character Packs are the newest way to get access to the Zizzle content. Once you have purchased your pack, you can use the decks that are included in your pack with all the Zizzle functions you love: visual stories, words and phrases, audio, quizzes and spaced repetition.

    How does the EARLY-BIRD sale work?

    Zizzle Character Packs have been released on December 1st. So for the entire December (it's Christmas Season) you can make sure you are the first to access our new feature by purchasing during our EARLY-BIRD sale. Once you have purchased your pack online, we will activate your pack within the next 24 hours and notify you. And the best part: Purchasing a pack online during the EARLY-BIRD sale will give you a discount of 30%!

    Can I also buy Zizzle Character Packs in the iOS or Android Apps?

    During the EARLY-BIRD sale, you will not be able to purchase the new Zizzle Character Packs in the iOS or Android Apps, only on our homepage. After your purchase on this website, we will notify you and activate the packs for you in your app within the next 24 hours.

    Can I buy a pack if I have already bought a subscription?

    Of course! With your subscription, you will have access to all Zizzle content until your subscription ends. After that, you will be able to use your pack like anyone else.

    What happens when new characters are added to a deck that I already own?

    No problem, you will automatically gain access to the new characters!

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