• 200+ pages, 80+ Chinese characters, 1 great workbook.

    Learning Chinese has never been easier.​

  • Workbook Features

    We use the latest research insights to ensure an unparalleled learning experience.

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    We know that learning Chinese characters with rote memorization is tough. That's why we base our learning approach on visualized stories to help you master Chinese.

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    Instant Repetition

    Instant Repetition is a proven method to boost your memory. The Zizzle Workbook makes sure you instantly reinforce what you have learned in small quizzes.

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    Logical Structure

    Learning Chinese characters becomes easier when you have understood the system behind it. With the Zizzle Workbook, we will get you through the structure.

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    Day-to-day Chinese

    What good is Chinese when you cannot use it in everyday life? That's why we teach you some of the most important Chinese phrases in this Workbook, like how to order coffee.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Why is the Zizzle Workbook the best tool for learning Chinese?


    Zizzle Workbook is the first workbook for learning Chinese that does not primarily focus on rote repetition. Instead, Zizzle is based on proven memorization techniques: visualization, the keyword method and association.

    How many Chinese characters are covered in the Workbook?

    The first chapter of Zizzle Workbook will cover 12 Chinese characters. The full Workbook will include 80+ Chinese characters, handpicked from a list of the most used Chinese characters.

    Which Chinese characters will be covered in the Workbook?

    These characters will allow you to read basic texts and to have most day-to-day conversations in Chinese. You will be able to introduce yourself, talk about your friends and families, go shopping, wish someone happy birthday in Chinese and many more things.

    What is the app pre-sale?

    We are also working on a mobile app for Zizzle. The app is not released in the app stores yet. That is why you can claim a 50% discount on your subscription now! When you purchase your Zizzle subscription in pre-sale, we will send you a personal pre-sale code. Once Zizzle is available in the app store, download it and you can activate your subscription with your personal pre-sale code.

    Does Zizzle App run on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets or laptop computers?​

    Zizzle will be available on all of these devices. We will release Zizzle app for Android, iOS and as a web app for your computer browser.

    When does the pre-sale with the 50% discount end?

    The pre-sale will end on June 15th. So hurry up, you only have less than one month left!

  • What are you waiting for?

    Master Chinese in a brand new way.